Calhoun "Working together to preserve the Past for the Future."

Calhoun Map

The City of Calhoun, Kentucky is located in McLean County on the north bank of the Green River.  Henry Rhoads first located his claim for land at the site of the present town of Calhoun (Vienna) in 1784.  On February 23, 1785, Jacob Myers, a land speculator, issued a proclamation appointing Henry Rhoads, Isaac Cox, Jr., and Isaac Morrison trustees to lay out two thousand acres at the Falls for the establishment of a town.  The town was laid out in 172 in-lots of one-half acre each, and 50 out lots of eight acres and five acres.  The town was called Rhoadsville.  In March, 1786 or earlier, the name was changed to Vienna*.    

Founded in 1784 as Rhoadsville and later known as Fort Vienna, Calhoun was incorporated in 1852 and received its name from one of the principal founders and leading citizens, Judge John C. Calhoon.  When McLean County was formed in 1854, Calhoun became the county seat.  In 200_, Calhoun became a Renaissance City.  

*In a deed found in Nelson County, Kentucky (Book 1, page 89) between Larson Dorsey and Martin Vanadoe of the Town of Vienna, a transaction was dated 11, April 1787.