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Sheriff Ken Frizzell

Sheriff Ken Frizzell

A Message from Sheriff Ken Frizzell:

As I serve as your Sheriff, I reflect on the qualities that make McLean County unique. I believe that the small town atmosphere and unrivaled beauty of this county make it a fulfilling place to live, work, and play. I was fortunate to have been raised here and to have had the chance to experience all that McLean County has to offer. Early on I realized the importance of giving back to the community that has given so much to me. This commitment, “Service above Self,” to the community is the cornerstone of my administration.

Community Responsibility

I have proudly served McLean County as a Deputy Sheriff, Deputy K-9, Chief Deputy and I am honored to be your Sheriff.  It is clear to me that the effectiveness of the Sheriff’s Office depends on its ability to partner with the public. As your Sheriff, I encourage members of the Sheriff’s Office at all levels to seek out ways to improve our public services to the county communities.

I emphasize a proactive approach to fighting crime and the conditions that lead to crime. We thoroughly and professionally investigate criminal cases and take the time to educate our youth about the positive side of public safety, respect, and living an honest lifestyle. We are vigilant and take the welfare of our community very personally.

We seek out means by which the public can become better acquainted with the Sheriff’s Office. Our School Resource Officer Program has been placed under the Sheriff’s Office.  The School Resource Officer or SRO is a Deputy Sheriff with the McLean County Sheriff’s Office. This has been and continues to be a great success in bringing our office closer to the community’s children. I must thank the school board for its cooperation in this joint effort to better serve and protect our youth.

 I believe that our presence in the schools educates our children to understand the challenges and complexity of the work we perform. It deters the use of drugs by our youth and identifies more youth who are using drugs.  Our office, the schools, and our youth are in a better position to partner together to fight and deter crime.

I recognize that we are a diverse community. Calhoun, Livermore, Island, Sacramento, Beech Grove, Rumsey and the rural community have unique concerns and issues that require unique law enforcement responses. We have built, restructured, and implemented ways to meet these challenges head-on.

Fiscal Integrity

I commit to you that I spend your tax dollars wisely and responsibly. We  carefully evaluate our expenditures to make sure we get the best value possible in all of our necessary purchases. I also seek out new and innovative ways to bring funds into the Sheriff’s Office to offset the tax burden to our citizens the best we can.

Employee Devotion

I provide the staff of the Sheriff’s Office with training and equipment they need to effectively serve and protect you. I have developed policies that are in the best interest of the community. I encourage all employees to continue to improve their abilities by furthering their training and education.


To maintain public trust the Sheriff’s Office must be open with our duties, while respecting the rights of the good citizens we serve. I make every effort to be accessible to all members of the Sheriff’s Office, the media, and the public.  Politics does not play a role in my office or stifle my open faith in God.  I will defend and uphold the rights of the people defined in the United States Constitution from all threats whether foreign or domestic.

We have become a more informative and professional office trained with the latest laws and newest standards. I am proud of the men and women of the McLean County Sheriff’s Office. The work they do and their service to their community is selfless. I look forward to continually working with you all as we move forward together, committed to keeping McLean County a great place to live, work and play.

By God’s grace in dedicating “Service Above Ourselves” we will make a positive impact.

“If God be for us, who can be against us"?”

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