Photo by: Caleb Baldwin, First Place Overall Winner, Photo Contest

Come explore and experience the richness of living in McLean County located in the Bluegrass, Blues and BBQ region. McLean County has been designated as a Kentucky Scenic Byway.

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About McLean County

About McLean County

About McLean County - This section gives a brief description of McLean County as well as interesting factoids about McLean County you probably didn't know.

Government Section


Government Section - this offers the organizational set up of the county into five regions and the communities involved. A description of each of these five regions is given along with maps.

Battles and Civil War Information

Battles and Civil War Information

Battles and Civil War Information - visit this section to get find out about McLean County's rich Civil War heritage and the largest cavalry battle in Kentucky - the Battle of Sacramento.

Bridges and Monuments

Bridges and Monuments

Bridges and Monuments - Mclean County has lots of interesting bridges - one of which is listed with Ripley's Believe It or Not.

Bluegrass and Nature

Bluegrass and Nature

Bluegrass and Nature - this section contains information on a quilted barn, forestry, agriculture, farmers markets, etc.

Events, Festivals and Photos

Boat on the waves

Events, Festivals and Photos from all around the county.


Livermore Flood

Historic - this section offers information on historic buildings, cemeteries, historic photos, etc.

Museums and Libraries


Museums and Libraries - listing of the museums and community library in McLean County. Watch the development of a public library to serve the county.

Parks and Recreation


Parks and Recreation - McLean County has lots of parks located all throughout the county. There is lots to do - golf, horseback rides, disc golf, fish, water ski, and much more.

Myer Creek Park Development Plan


Myer Creek Sign

Funding/MOA's/Partnerships - this section of the website lists the memorandums of agreement, grants awarded to the county and the county's partners in developing a projects and initiatives to benefit the county and its citizens.

The McLean County Visitor Center

Visitor Center

The McLean County Visitor Center, located at 200 Main Street,

is housed in an 1800s historic building in downtown Calhoun.

Anticipated date to open: 2008.

*Please note most of the photos used on this website came from the citizens of McLean County as entries in the McLean County Photo Contest, Fall 2006. View the winning photos.