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Charles Hansford
(Marker Number: 1950)

County: McLean
Location: Calhoun Cem., Old Calhoun-Owensboro Rd., KY 81

Description: A privateer in Virginia's Navy during the American Revolution, Hansford sailed off eastern coast of U.S., West Indies, and Spain. He was captured three times by the British. Only he and one other of 36 prisoners survived a three-month confinement on the prison ship Jersey, nicknamed "Hell Afloat." Presented by Descendants of Charles Hansford.

(Reverse) Charles Hansford (1759-1850) - This Revolutionary War soldier enlisted in Virginia in 1775 and served six months; enlisted in 1777 and discharged in nine months. Charles Hansford then ran away and went to sea as a privateer. Buried NW of here on Mayo Hill, Scotts Bridge Road. Presented by Descendants of Charles Hansford.

Subjects: Revolutionary War

Corp. James Bethel Gresham Memorial Bridge
(Marker Number: 1199)

County: McLean
Location: Rumsey, S. end of Green River Memorial Bridge, KY 81 (37.5310418855606, -87.25941794424925)

Description: Erected, 1928, honoring the first American killed in action in World War I on Nov. 3, 1917, at Battle of Sommerviller. Enlisted in 1914 in Indiana. With Pershing in Mexico, 1916. Sent overseas, June 14, 1917, with first American soldiers of AEF. Born McLean Co., Aug. 23, 1893. Buried in France; reinterred, Evansville, Ind., 1921.

Erected in 1968.

Subjects: World War I

County Named
(Marker Number: 1123)

County: McLean
Location: Calhoun, Courthouse lawn, KY 81

Description: For Judge Alney McLean, lawyer and politician. Established in 1854, from parts of Daviess, Ohio, and Muhlenberg counties. Solomon Rhoads and James Inman settled in 1788. First county officers were: Sanders Eaves, judge; Alfred Tanner, clerk; Henry Griffith, sheriff; Frank McLean, county attorney; Jacob Davis, surveyor; James Hinton, jailer. See over.

(Reverse) Calhoun - Named for John Calhoun, circuit judge, Congressman, 1835 to 1839. Formed in 1784 as Rhoadsville, it became known as Fort Vienna, 1785, when Solomon Rhoads built a fort here. Boyhood home of the builder and master of "My Old Kentucky Home," Senator John Rowan, Esq. Calhoun incorporated, 1852. Made county seat, 1854. Called "Capital of Green River Country." See over.

Subjects: Forts and Stations

Forrest Reconnoitered
(Marker Number: 665)

County: McLean
Location: 2nd and Poplar St., Calhoun

Description: On reconnaissance and search for supplies, late Nov. 1861, CSA Gen. Nathan B. Forrest's cavalry scouted area. Reported USA forces of Gen. T. C. Crittenden gathered here. Forrest moved on to west. Again in area, Dec. 28, 1861, Forrest met and defeated Union scouting force in battle at Sacramento. CSA escaped capture by USA troops sent from Calhoun. See map over.

Installed June 24, 1964.

For more information, see ExploreKYHistory: Forrest Reconnoitered

Subjects: Civil War | Forrest, Nathan Bedford

James Bethel Gresham
(Marker Number: 664)

County: McLean
Location: Beech Grove, Jct. KY 56 & 136

Description: First American killed in action, World War I. Born Beech Grove, 1893, moved to Indiana, 1901, and enlisted there, 1914. Served under Gen. Pershing on Mexican border, 1916. Sent overseas June 14, 1917. Pfc. Gresham killed, Nov. 3, 1917, in the battle of Sommerviller, Lorraine. French honored him with monument there. Buried in Indiana. Silver Star citation, Jan. 1920.

Installed June 24, 1964.

For more information, see ExploreKYHistory: James Bethel Gresham

Subjects: World War I

Livermore Bridge
(Marker Number: 892)

County: McLean
Location: South end Livermore Bridge, US 431

Description: When this structure was built, a unique contribution to history was made. It is claimed to be only river bridge in the world which begins and ends in the same county (McLean), spans two rivers (Green and Rough), and crosses another county (Ohio), a small point of which lies between the rivers. It is 1,350 feet long. Dedication of the bridge held Nov. 13, 1940.

(Marker Number: 1264)

County: McLean
Location: Jct. KY 81 & 138 (37.5303232110149, -87.25991477129713)

Description: Founded in 1834. Named for James Rumsey, steam navigation pioneer, at request of his nephew Edward Rumsey, US Congressman from this area, 1837-39. James Rumsey had first boat successfully operated by steam to carry both freight and passengers, Potomac River, 1786. The first steamboat on Green River, LUCY WING, was built here in 1846 by the Jones Brothers. Erected in 1969.

Subjects: Inventors | Steamboats

Surprise Attack Here
(Marker Number: 523)

County: McLean
Location: Sacramento, KY 81, 85

Description: CSA cavalry from Hopkinsville under Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest surprised Union forces under Major Eli H. Murray December 28, 1861. Forrest sent dismounted men to attack both enemy flanks, and, with the remainder mounted, he bore down road upon Union center, which broke and fled. Forrest pursued 4 miles, dispersed USA troops, returned to Hopkinsville.

Dedicated November 4, 1962.

For more information, see ExploreKYHistory: Battle of Sacramento

Subjects: Civil War | Forrest, Nathan Bedford

Union Camp Site
(Marker Number: 830)

County: McLean
Location: KY 250, 2.2 mi. W. of US 431

Description: In July 1864 Co. D, 35th Regt. Ky. Vol. Mtd. Inf. camped, north on Houston land. Muster, Owensboro Oct. 2, 1863. Guarded area between Cumberland and Green Rivers. Part of Union force that defeated CSA Gen. Adam R. Johnson's Partisan Rangers at Grubb's Cross Roads in Aug. 1864. Fought at Saltville, Va. Mustered out at Louisville, Dec. 29, 1864. Roster other side.

(Reverse) McLean County Recruits, Co. D 35 Regt. KY. Vol. Mounted Inf.:
Chas. W. D. (Frank) Prange, Capt.;
Geo. W. Mosley, Jas. T. Goode, Lieuts.;
Wm. A. Short, John H. Taylor, Sgts.

  • James R. Baughn
  • Joseph F. Baughn
  • Allen H. Benton
  • Granville Brown
  • Michael Conley
  • Remos G. Cary
  • Samuel A. Hudson
  • Hubbard V. Hicks
  • George L. Jones
  • John W. Little
  • Lucius L. Mitchell
  • Western Mitchell
  • Thomas A. Nally
  • James D. Nally
  • Charles F. Prange
  • Malvin Presley, Cpl.
  • William L. Roads
  • Mark L. T. Robertson
  • Lafayette Riley
  • Alexander Stogner
  • James A. Taylor
  • William B. Taylor.

Subjects: Civil War | Johnson, Adam R.

William Worthington (1761-1848)
(Marker Number: 1812)

County: McLean
Location: Jct. US 431 & KY 85 at Baptist Church, Island

Description: This early settler owned large tract of "Island" territory, cut off during times of high water. He served in Revolutionary War under George Rogers Clark, 1781. Became circuit court judge, 1803, then postmaster of Worthington (now Island) in 1829. Judge Worthington was a member of Ky. Senate, 1812-25. Buried north of town. Chapel bears family name.

Subjects: Clark, George Rogers | Revolutionary War

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